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Live With More Divine Love: The Imaginal Way

Eternal Ways and author/artist/instructor Ron Mercier have partnered to launch a new online course, “Live With More Divine Love - The Imaginal Way” for spiritual seekers around the world. This 13 Lesson course is based on Ron’s Imaginal Way chapter from his book, SoulScapes, which is about the Imagination being Soul's bridge to Spirit. Recognizing that many spiritually-oriented people have difficulty experiencing Divine Love in their daily life, Ron has created a practical course that helps the individual use his or her own imagination to live with more Divine Love. Learn more about SOULSCAPES at

"It's exciting to see the transformation of The Imaginal Way in Ron’s SoulScapes book into an easy-to-use online training program. It’s been incredible working with Ron to develop this first-of-a-kind course on increasing divine love in your life.” —John Pritchard, Eternal Ways, President.

This is a Video Course:

  • Live With More Divine Love: The Imaginal Way features Ron speaking directly to each student on video.

  • Each lesson includes additional text and an mp3 download to complement the video instruction.

  • The course is very practical and fun.

  • It is designed to help you use your imagination to live with more Divine Love every day.

Course Outline

As you become more aware that you are loved by God, and use your imagination to work with God's Divine Love, your life becomes more meaningful and full of magic. New possibilities begin to develop and you develop greater confidence and serenity with each and every new day.

You will find that the earlier lessons are brief for simplicity’s sake as the learner is being asked to study and meditate on basic concepts and attitudes, which will be expanded upon and deepened in later lessons. Every lesson is followed by a series of questions for which there ought not to be simple yes or no answers. It is suggested that you amplify, elaborate your answers in a journal, which you can revisit from time to time to evaluate your progress and refine your own invaluable questions.

LESSON 1 - The Magic of the Imaginal Moment

LESSON 2 - The Power of the Imagination

LESSON 3 - The Symbol: The Imaginal is not Imaginary

LESSON 4 - Embrace the Shining Moments

LESSON 5 - We Are All Born Poets

LESSON 6 - We Are All Connected

LESSON 7 - Find Your Stillness WIthin

LESSON 8 - The Power of Presence

LESSON 9 - Your Unique Image

LESSON 10 - The Balance We All Seek

LESSON 11 - The Divine Imagination of Children

LESSON 12 - To See With New Eyes - The Eyes of Fire

LESSON 13 - The Divine Feminine - Love, Laughter and Joy!

Ron Mercier
Ron Mercier

Ron Mercier is the author of "Dance the River Whale" and “SoulScapes - Imagination: Soul's Bridge to Spirit.” Ron is a deeply spiritual man who was a Catholic priest until he left the ministry due to its growing antagonism toward women and its entrenched dogmatic approach to religion. He was born and raised in Worcester, MA and has Master Degrees in English Literature and Wholistic Counseling, and a B.A. in Philosophy. Over the past 45 years he has been a teacher and psychotherapist. He has immersed himself especially in the works of Jung, Campbell, Blake, James Hillman, and Henry Corbin, all of whom recognize the Imagination as a function of the soul. His personal practice of meditation and active imagination has led him to help others find their own spiritual paths. Ron is also a poet and an artist who uses the ancient sacred art form of the Mandala to create meditative paintings. He is the father of three sons and lives with his wife in the Berkshires of western MA. For more information visit

You can contact Ron directly via email or leave a phone message with his publisher, Eternal Ways.

(413) 203-4444 (Eternal Ways)

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